About Us

CAAFF is involved in enhancing Centralia Athletics, Activities, and Facilities in a variety of ways including facility projects and fundraising. Some projects we have funded include:

* Supported Athletic Transportation after double-levy failures
* CAAFF / Centralia Rotary Basketball Court
* Lighting for the State Champions Board at CHS
* New signage at CHS / CMS Weight Rooms, Wrestling Room
* Painting of the CHS Weight Room
* New CMS Gymnasium Entryway signage
* Creation of the Tall Tigers campaign that helped save      Centralia Athletics for the 2021-22 School Year
* New athletic & academic state champions board at CHS
* New High school entryway signage
* Enhanced graphics on CHS & CMS gym wall mats
* Annual All-Sports Dinner & Auction Fundraiser
* New scoreboards at CHS & Football stadium
* New PA system for the CHS gym
* Purchase & dedication of Ron Brown Court
* Contributed towards District readerboard

Board of Directors
Jeff Thummel (President)  Tom Alderson (Vice President)
Julie Pendleton (Treasurer) Robert Cox (Secretary)
Tim Ahern Dennis Faber
Hal Gronseth Trent Henning
Josue Lowe  Dave Pendleton
Jared Stewart